Service quality

9 certificates guarantee service quality

The company holds 9 standards certificates that are regularly audited by AENOR to ensure the application of ongoing improvements and compliance with the strictest quality standards.

The team

We have a team of more than 280 highly qualified professionals that offer their skills and expertise in various areas. Together, they deliver quality transport services and the company also holds occupational health and safety certification guaranteeing appropriate working conditions. It is also one of the first companies in Spain to have been awarded road safety certification, an essential aspect in delivering quality service and the correct conditions for both users and workers.

The fleet and maintenance

The Compañía de Tranvías de La Coruña currently has a fleet of 93 Mercedes-Benz and Man buses. This fleet receives a comprehensive, fully computerised maintenance service carried out in our own repair shops.

Range of services

The company is fully aware of the importance of delivering quality services, and is therefore committed to monitoring its standards and introducing ongoing improvements, in accordance with the Quality Management and Quality Management for Passenger Transport Operators certificates, focusing particularly on its customers’ needs and expectations.

As a result, we have introduced a series of actions described in our quality commitments and our service charter.

Criminal compliance

In order to promote an ethical business culture and compliance with the law, the company has implemented a Criminal Compliance system, ensuring maximum transparency and rigour in the company’s internal control systems.

Furthermore, and in order to build a culture of integrity, the company has drawn up a Code of Conduct, providing details of the values and ethical standards it abides by.